About Us

Work Hard, Play Harder

You work hard, and if you are anything like us, play even harder. We enjoy unwinding. It’s rare, though, so there is often a boat load (pun intended) to liberate when boarding time finally arrives.

And there is no better place to unwind than on a really, really big ship in the middle of a deep blue, calm ocean that has been booked through

Cruising is the ideal way to travel. You get to enjoy all the incredible amenities on the ship — food, drinks, entertainment, friends, etc. — en route to your next destination.

It’s not airplane trivia for six hours with a collection of random, face-less strangers four rows back in prison-like conditions.

Never Settle

Our refreshing, one-of-kind website helps you build a personal journey based on your preferences. If you see something you like, flag it, and we will show you cruises that include that specific feature (destination, ship, port or cruise line).

The custom exploration, and tailored possibilities, are endless.

We won’t tell you where to go and when and for how much and for however long. You will decide, whether you know exactly where you want to travel or are starved for a more spontaneous way to plan your vacation.

You settle for too much throughout your personal and business lives. We all do. It’s the dark underbelly of normal human happiness. So when it’s time to unplug, you deserve the most incredible, personalized vacation imaginable.