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The standard policy dictates that guests must be 21 years of age in order to consume alcohol on all Celebrity ships. However, this age limit is lowered to 18 only when the ship sails from ports in South America, Asia, Australia and Europe. For all of Celebrity Cruises’ private destinations and all ports in North America, the minimum age is 21. All age policies are subject to change without notice. All those who are 18 and above and decide to consume alcohol must abide by Celebrity Cruises’ policies and must not provide alcohol to underage drinkers. If an underage guest has a birthday while onboard that means they are now able to consume alcohol, they must visit Guest Relations and show their passport to prove their age, from which point on they will be permitted to consume and buy alcoholic beverages.

Guests are permitted two bring bottles of wine or champagne onboard on the day of embarkation. The limit is two bottles per stateroom. These may be consumed in your stateroom or if you wish to consume them in a public place, such as a bar or restaurant, a corkage fee of $25.00 will apply. Alcoholic beverages purchased in ports of call or shops onboard the ship will be retained and safely stored on the ship. These will be delivered to your stateroom on the final day of the cruise. Note that the ship’s security may inspect containers, such as sports bottles and water bottles and anything found to contain alcohol will be disposed of. Any violation of any alcohol policy could result in as disembarkation or refusal of the right to board; this can be done by consuming too much alcohol, providing alcohol to underage drinkers, behaving irresponsibly or by attempting to hide alcoholic beverages from staff at security and luggage checkpoints. Underage drinkers found to have alcohol will not have the alcohol returned to them.

Age requirements may be adjusted at any time by Celebrity Cruises in accordance with local laws. Additionally Celebrity Cruises holds the right to restrict or retract the drinking privileges of anyone even if they are of the legal drinking age and have satisfied all other criteria. 

Celebrity Cruises considers all guests under 21 years of age to be minors, though in some circumstances those 17 years of age and under are considered minors.  The Travelling with Minors was established to ensure that adults travelling with children have the authority and the legal right to travel with the children for the length of the cruise. In the case that a child needs medical attention, the child’s responsible adult will need to have the right to authorise the administration of any medical treatment. 

If a child is travelling without a parent or a legal guardian, Royal Caribbean requires documentation to ensure that the child’s parent or legal guardian has given permission for the child’s accompanying adult to take the child on the cruise. Even if a child is only travelling with a member of their extended family, such as a grandparent, aunt or uncle, authorisation from the child’s parent or legal guardian is still required. If a child does not have the same surname as their parent or legal guardian, legal documentation is required to say that the child is indeed in the care of the accompanying parent or legal guardian. Suitable forms of documentation include adoption, birth, divorce or marriage certificates and documentation from local government authorities. These measures ensure that all children who aren’t travelling with their parents or a legal guardian travel with the authorisation and consent of their parents or a legal guardian.

 If a guest over 21 years of age is travelling with someone who is 17 or younger by the first day of the cruise and they are not their parent or legal guardian, a legal letter confirming authority needs to be presented at check-in. This letter needs to be signed by the accompanying adult as well as the younger guest’s parent or legal guardian and has to give authority for the accompanying adult to take the younger guest on the cruise and supervise them throughout the duration of the cruise. It must also give the accompanying adult permission to allow medical treatment to the younger guest and sign activity waivers.

Staterooms will not be assigned to guests who are younger than 21 by the first day of the cruise unless an adult 21 years or older accompanies them in the same stateroom. However this does not apply if children are in a stateroom next door or directly opposite the stateroom occupied by their parent or legal guardian. Children in a stateroom next door to that of their parents are permitted to have one friend or family member stay with them.

Married couples aged 16 and above are permitted to stay in the same stateroom without a guest over the age of 21 so long as documentation authenticating the marriage is provided.

Onboard all Celebrity ships there are three types of clothing: casual daytime, conservative port wear and evening wear.

Daytime clothing consists of polo shirts or knit tops, slacks or pants and blouses or shirts. Rubber-soled shoes are required for sporting activities and a swimsuit cover-up piece of clothing is required when you are in your swimwear in one of the cooler areas of the ship.

Port wear includes comfortable walking shoes, along with skirts, blouses, casual dresses and pants outfits for women and polo shirts, casual pants and walking shorts for men.

The following table shows how many nights are designated ‘Smart Casual and Above’ and ‘Formal’ depending on the length of your cruise for evening meals in the main restaurant:

Length of cruise  Smart Casual and Above  Formal

4 nights  3  1

5 nights    4  1

6 nights  5  1

7 nights  5  2

8 nights  6  2

9 nights  7  2

10 nights  8  2

11 nights  9  2

12 nights  9  3

13 nights  10  3

14 nights  11  3

15 nights  12  3

16 nights  12  3

On ‘Smart Casual and Above’ evenings, it is requested that men wear pants with a sweater or sports shirt, while women should wear a skirt or pants with a blouse or sweater. No sleeveless shirts are permitted. There should be no rips or tears in any piece of clothing.

During ‘Formal’ evenings, men should wear a suit, a dinner jacket with slacks or a tuxedo, while women should wear a dressy pantsuit, a gown or a cocktail dress.

The ‘Smart Casual and Above’ dress code applies in all specialty restaurants, including Blu, for every night of the duration of your cruise. The following are not permitted in the main restaurant or any specialty restaurant at any time: bare feet, swimming pool attire, tank tops, baseball caps, T-shirts, robes and swimsuits, while flip-flops and shorts are not permitted during the evening. The ‘Smart Casual and Above’ dress code also applies to all evening performances in the Celebrity Theater.

The daily program, which gets delivered to your stateroom, will inform you of the dress code for every day of your cruise. It is also available at the Guest Relations Desk.

It is Celebrity’s policy that all children should be at least six months of age by the first day of the cruise. However, for any cruise with three or more consecutive days at sea, the minimum age limit is increased to 12 months. All transatlantic, transpacific, Australian and Hawaiian cruises require all children to be at least 12 months of age on the first day of the cruise. This also applies to certain South American cruises and some cruise to other destinations.

Should anyone try to board with an underage child, not only will the child be refused boarding, but also one or more of the adults in the child’s group could also be refused boarding. Anyone who is refused boarding on the grounds of there being underage children in the group will not be eligible for refunds or compensation from the cruise company.

Anyone entering their 24th week of pregnancy at any time during the entire length of their cruise will not be allowed to sail. You will be required to produce a doctor’s letter stating how far along in weeks you will be at the start of the cruise, confirming that you are in good health and that your pregnancy is not high-risk

Smoking is prohibited in all staterooms and on all stateroom balconies on all ships, as well as in all theaters, hallways, corridors, elevators and dining venues. Smoking of cigarettes and pipes is only permitted in specially designated smoking areas. All smoking implements must be disposed of correctly and not thrown overboard. Anyone found to have violated the smoking policy will see a $250.00 fine billed to their onboard account. 

Paying gratuities can be done in one of two ways: you can either have your gratuities pre-aid or you can have them added to your SeaPass account throughout your cruise. If you pre-pay your gratuities, you will be qualified for the Celebrity Select Dining programme, which, though subject to availability, allows you to enjoy a more flexible dining experience while onboard.

All gratuities may be adjusted in order to reflect the level of service you think you’ve experienced while on board. In addition, you may opt to personally tip a particular member of staff who has gone above and beyond their required duties. The standard rates of paying gratuities are as follows:

$11.50 per guest

$12.00 for guests in Concierge Class and Aquaclass

$15.00 for suite guests

You can connect to the Internet while onboard in one of the hotspots that offer 24hr Internet connectivity using your laptop or handheld device with wireless connectivity. The rates are as follows:

$24.95 for 38 minutes

$49.95 for 90 minutes

$99.95 for 208 minutes

$199.95 for 555 minutes

$399.95 for 1666 minutes

Alternately, you can pay as you go at a rate of $0.75 per minute. Prices are subject to change without notice.

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