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Onboard all Costa ships you'll experience the famous Italian hospitality, charm and high quality of service.


You must be at least 18 years of age to consume alcohol on all cruises, however for cruises leaving from US ports you must be at least 21 years of age in order to consume alcohol. No alcoholic drinks may be brought onboard; any drinks found will be confiscated and you will be able to collect it at the end of the cruise. Alcoholic drinks purchased at a port of call or in one of the onboard ships will be held until the end of the cruise, when it will be delivered to you.

Costa Cruises does not provide activities for children under the age of 3, although families are welcome to use the children’s areas during off-peak and low season times. However, Costa does provide a babysitting service in the Miniclub from 11.30pm to 1.30am, giving parents the chance to take part in late night entertainment, though this service is not available for children under the age of 3. The following items may also be requested: cribs, high chairs, bottle warmers, baby baths and liquidised food.

Most nights throughout the duration of your cruise will be informal: resort wear is appropriate and jackets are not required. On a Caribbean cruise there will be two gala evenings and, depending on length, there will be one or two gala evenings on European cruises; at these gala evenings, it is recommended that men wear suits and women wear cocktail dresses. Those who don’t wish to dress up can dine in the buffet, where casual attire is always welcome. It is suggested that shorts, flip-flops and sarongs not be worn in any of the ship’s restaurants.

Infants must be at least six months of age to be allowed on all cruise ships and at least twelve months of age for World cruises, transoceanic cruises and cruises that are longer than 15 days.

In order to cruise, pregnant women must not have entered their 24th week of pregnancy by embarkation day. All pregnant women must provide a doctor’s letter stating that they are in good health, are fit to travel and are not due to experience a high-risk pregnancy. This letter should also confirm how far along the pregnancy is.

Cigarette smoking is only permitted in reserved areas in some of the lounges, whilst cigars and pipes may only be smoked in designated areas, all of which areas are clearly marked. In all restaurants and buffet restaurants, theaters, lifts, stairwells, corridors and halls, smoking is expressly forbidden. Cigarettes must be disposed of in the ashtrays provided and never thrown overboard.

Costa Cruises has a number of different gratuity charges depending on where you cruise. For Caribbean cruises departing from the US and for cruises in the Far East on Costa Atlantica and Costa Victoria, a service charge of $11.00 per adult guest per day will be debited to your onboard account. For South America cruises and Spring Transatlantic cruises on the Costa Fascinosa, Costa Favolosa, Costa Fortuna and Costa Serena, the charge is $10.00 per adult guest per day. On all other cruises, the charge is €7.00 per adult guest per day. Service charges are not applicable for guests under the age of 4 and guests between the ages of 4 and 14 will be charged half of the adult rate. All service charges cannot be altered. Tipping is done at your discretion; a 15% gratuity will be added for beverage purchases.  

Wi-Fi is available in all cabins, common areas and throughout the pool deck. You can either pay as you go at a rate of $0.66 per minute or choose from one of the pricing packages, which offer one hour for $13.19 or three hours for $31.52. All costs will be charged to your Costa card.

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