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The only alcoholic beverages guests may bring onboard are wine and champagne. Should this wine or champagne be brought to a restaurant or bar for consumption, a corkage fee of $18.00 will apply. It cannot be consumed in any other public place. Should a guest be found to be drinking a beverage they brought on board in any public place other than a restaurant or bar, they will be asked to return to their stateroom.

Alcoholic drinks bought in onboard shops will be retained and safely stored on the ship until the final day of the cruise, at which point they will be delivered to your stateroom. A 15% service charge will apply to all purchases of alcoholic drinks. Beverage packages can be purchased at a reduced rate using room service. These are to be consumed in your staterooms and also come with a 15% service charge.

Those who are 20 years of age and under have to be accompanied by a parent, guardian or by a chaperone, who should be at least 21 years of age. There should be one chaperone for every five people under 21, so if there are six people under 21, two chaperones would be required. If someone is acting as a chaperone for an organised youth or student group, they must be at least 25 years of age.

Some foreign countries require that guests under the age of 18 must be travelling with both parents or, if one or both parents are not travelling, a letter of approval signed by any parent not travelling with the minor will be required. An authenticated letter is required if one parent is deceased or if the minor has only one legal parent. All those under the age of 18 must also have the necessary identification requirements. Minors who are US citizens need an authenticated copy of their birth certificate or another official form of identification. Those over 16 also need an official form of photo ID. Passports are required for everyone travelling outside the Western Hemisphere.  Official documentation is normally required at entry and exit points in different countries to confirm permission for the child to travel and the relationship of the guardians and parents to the child.  Having this documentation can expedite entering and exiting countries. Regulations vary from country to country. A summary of different countries’ regulations can be found at the following website:

Those under 18 must be accompanied by parents or legal guardians on all tours and cannot be left unsupervised in any part of the ship. If those under 16 wish to go ashore without adult supervision, permission from their parents or legal guardians is required and can be confirmed by notifying the ship’s Security Officer. Minors are generally prohibited from leaving the ship without adult supervision, so notifying the Security Officer is essential. 

Whilst on board there are usually two formal evenings per week. For these it is recommended that men wear a jacket and tie, tuxedo or a dark suit, whilst women should wear a cocktail dress, a suit, a blouse or top with slacks or a gown. The rest of the evenings are ‘Smart Casual’ evenings and require men to wear collared shirts and slacks, whilst women should wear dresses, general informal evening wear and slacks. The following are prohibited during the evening in restaurants and other public areas: shorts, tank tops, T-shirts and swimsuits.

All guests should wear shoes and a cover-up when walking through the ship in swimwear. Certain places visited during shore excursions may have additional clothing requirements, such as no tank tops. This depends on the place you visit so check beforehand.

Those who don’t have formal attire can pre-order it and find it in their stateroom on the day of embarkation by calling Cruiseline Formalwear at 800-551-5091 or by finding their website online.

Children must be at least 6 months old at the time of sailing. However, they must be at least 12 months old if sailing on any transoceanic voyage. HAL’s Medical Department may feel it necessary to impose the minimum age of 12 months on any voyage they think could present a significant risk. 

Pregnant women are not permitted to sail if they are due to enter their 24th week of pregnancy at any point during the cruise or have already entered it. If you are under 24 weeks pregnant then before boarding you must have sent a doctor’s letter stating that they are in good health, are fit to travel and that the pregnancy is not high-risk. It should also state the expected delivery date. The letter should include your name, sailing date, the name of your ship and your booking number and can be faxed to HAL’s Access & Compliance Department at 800-577-1731. Alternately the letter can be sent to:

Holland America Line

Attention: Access & Compliance Department 2nd floor

300 Elliott Avenue West

Seattle, WA 98119

Smoking is only allowed in designated areas, which are usually as follows:

-  Stateroom verandahs

-  Seaview bar

-  The casino (players only)

-  Sports deck

-  Observation deck (only on ms Eurodam, ms Nieuw Amsterdam, ms Noordam, ms Oosterdam, ms Prinsendam, ms Westerdam and ms Zuiderdam.

Guests may only smoke pipes and cigars on stateroom verandahs and in outdoor areas where cigarette smoking is also allowed. Electronic cigarettes are permitted only in staterooms and in outdoor designate smoking areas. Anyone found to have smoked in their stateroom will face a fine of $250.00. 

To reflect the service given by various members of staff, a daily gratuity charge of $11.50 will be added to your shipboard account per guest, though for those staying in suites, the amount rises to $12.00. This amount can be adjusted in accordance with the level of service you feel you’ve received. For bar and dining room purchases, a 15% surcharge is added to your bill. 

Each ship offers 24 hr Wi-fi in many of its public rooms, which you can easily connect to with your laptop or handheld device with wireless connectivity. Pricing, which is subject to change without notice, is currently as follows:

$55.00 – 100 minutes

$100.00 – 250 minutes

There is also a one-off activation fee of $3.95. Alternately, you can pay as you go at a rate of $ 0.75 per minute. The pricing is the same for Internet accessed through the ship’s own computers. 

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