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The general policy is that guests must be 21 years of age or older in order to consume alcohol. However, this is reduced to 18 years of age for all cruises departing from ports in the following places: Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Europe and South America. In this case, those 18 and over need not travel with a parent or legal guardian and are allowed to purchase beverage packages containing alcoholic drinks. Royal Caribbean retains the right to adjust the minimum age for drinking whenever necessary in accordance with a country’s local laws.

Guests are allowed to bring bottles of wine or champagne only onboard on embarkation day with a maximum of 2 bottles per stateroom to be consumed in the stateroom or in a bar or restaurant, for which a corkage fee of $25.00 will apply. If a guest is found to be trying to bring alcoholic drinks other than wine and champagne onboard, these will be confiscated and won’t be returned to the guest. Additionally, any containers, such as sports bottles and water bottles with alcohol in will be confiscated and not returned to guests. All alcoholic drinks bought at onboard shops and in ports of call will be safely stored on the ship and will be delivered to your stateroom on the final day of your cruise. Guests who supply alcohol to underage drinkers, drink too much, behave irresponsibly or attempt to hide drinks from staff members could face disembarkation or could be refused the right to board. Any alcohol confiscated from underage drinkers will not be returned to them. 

Royal Caribbean Cruises considers all guests under 21 years of age to be minors, though in some circumstances those 17 years of age and under are considered minors.  The Travelling with Minors was established to ensure that adults travelling with children have the authority and the legal right to travel with the children for the length of the cruise. In the case that a child needs medical attention, the child’s responsible adult will need to have the right to authorise the administration of any medical treatment. 

If a child is travelling without a parent or a legal guardian, Royal Caribbean requires documentation to ensure that the child’s parent or legal guardian has given permission for the child’s accompanying adult to take the child on the cruise. Even if a child is only travelling with a member of their extended family, such as a grandparent, aunt or uncle, authorisation from the child’s parent or legal guardian is still required. If a child does not have the same surname as their parent or legal guardian, legal documentation is required to say that the child is indeed in the care of the accompanying parent or legal guardian. Suitable forms of documentation include adoption, birth, divorce or marriage certificates and documentation from local government authorities. These measures ensure that all children who aren’t travelling with their parents or a legal guardian travel with the authorisation and consent of their parents or a legal guardian.

 If a guest over 21 years of age is travelling with someone who is 17 or younger by the first day of the cruise and they are not their parent or legal guardian, a legal letter confirming authority needs to be presented at check-in. This letter needs to be signed by the accompanying adult as well as the younger guest’s parent or legal guardian and has to give authority for the accompanying adult to take the younger guest on the cruise and supervise them throughout the duration of the cruise. It must also give the accompanying adult permission to allow medical treatment to the younger guest and sign activity waivers.

Staterooms will not be assigned to guests who are younger than 21 by the first day of the cruise unless an adult 21 years or older accompanies them in the same stateroom. However this does not apply if children are in a stateroom next door or directly opposite the stateroom occupied by their parent or legal guardian. Children in a stateroom next door to that of their parents are permitted to have one friend or family member stay with them.

Married couples aged 16 and above are permitted to stay in the stateroom without a guest over the age of 21 so long as documentation authenticating the marriage is provided.

Dress codes usually only apply in the evening, with three different types of dress code: casual, smart casual and formal.

For casual wear, it is suggested that men wear polo shirts and trousers, while women should wear sundresses or trousers and a top. Smart casual attire consists of jackets and shirts for men, and trouser suits or dresses for women. Formal attire consists of tuxedos or suits and ties for men, and cocktail dresses for women.

The following table shows how many nights are casual, smart casual and formal depending on the length of your cruise:

Cruise length
3 nights
20 1
4 nights30 1
5 nights31 1
6 nights31 2
7 nights41 2
8 nights42 2
9 nights52 2
10 nights62 2
11 nights72 2
12 nights*82 2*
13 nights92 2
14 nights83 3
15 nights93 3

*Some European cruises that last 12 nights or longer may have three formal nights instead of two

Usually the first and last nights your cruise will be casual dress evenings. The first formal evening is usually follows the first full day at sea. For those who don’t wish to dress up formally, casual dining is available in the Windjammer every night of your cruise except the final night. Other casual dining venues may also be available throughout your cruise. 

Royal Caribbean’s policy on minimum age stipulates that children must be at least 6 months of age by the first day of the cruise. This age limit is raised to 12 months for all Hawaii, South American, transpacific and transatlantic cruises, as well as select others. Additionally any cruise that has three or more consecutive days at sea in its itinerary requires that all children be at least 12 months of age on the first day of the cruise. Anyone found travelling with an underage child will not be allowed and will not be given a refund or compensation from the cruise line because of this. 

Pregnant women who would enter their 24th week of pregnancy at any point during their entire cruise will not be allowed to cruise. You will require a doctor’s letter stating how many weeks you will have been pregnant for by the end of the cruise and confirming that the pregnancy is not high-risk and that you are in good health. The doctor’s note can be faxed to the Special Services Team at +44 (0) 1932 820603.

Designated smoking areas vary from ship to ship so it is advisable to consult the daily Cruise Compass or ask at Guest Relations in order to confirm where the smoking areas are on your ship. Usually outdoor smoking is permitted only on one side of the ship. Smoking is also permitted on all private balconies that face the ocean, including the Loft Suite balconies on the Allure and Oasis of the Seas. Smoking is prohibited inside all staterooms, nor is it allowed on any private balconies that overlook Central Park or The Boardwalk on Allure and Oasis of the Seas.

Smoking is forbidden outright in all corridors, hallways, dining venues, theaters and food outlets on all ships, nor is it permitted in The Boardwalk, Central Park or The Jogging Track on Allure and Oasis of the Seas. Pipes and cigars may only be smoked in cigar lounges, though if a ship doesn’t have a cigar lounge, there will be a smoking area where you can smoke pipes and cigars.

Anyone caught smoking in staterooms or balconies overlooking Central Park and The Boardwalk will have a $250.00 fine billed to their SeaPass account. All smoking implements must be disposed of correctly and not thrown overboard. Smoking policies may change in adherence with the laws of the country the ship; all guests will be notified of such changes.

There are several different ways in which you can pay gratuities: the most convenient is pre-paid tips which can be arranged either by your travel agent or online prior to sailing. If you wish to pay on a day-to-day basis, a charge of $12 will be added to your SeaPass account for every day of your cruise, though this amount rises to $14.50 for those staying in Grand Suites or even more expensive rooms. Particular members of staff may be paid gratuities at the end of the cruise if they have delivered what you feel to be outstanding service. Alternately, if you do not feel satisfied with the service, you may speak to Guest Relations about adjusting the amount of gratuities you pay.

For bar and beverage services, as well as salon and spa services, a tip of 15% will still be added to your bill. You may tip other staff members when you feel it appropriate. As for tipping tour guide staff, the following rates are recommended:

Coach Driver: $2.50 per day per guest

Tour Director: $3.00 per day per guest

Train Carriage Host: $1.00 per day per guest

Waiting Staff: $2.50 per day per guest

Tips are entirely voluntary and are recommended so that you can show your gratitude for the level of service you have experienced while cruising with Royal Caribbean.

On the following ships Wi-fi is available throughout the whole ship and in all staterooms: Allure, Freedom, Independence, Liberty, Oasis, Radiance and Splendour. On all other ships, Wi-fi is available in several designated ‘hot spots’ located throughout each ship.

Any handheld device with Wi-fi connectivity or a laptop with a standard 802.11b Wireless card should connect to the ship’s Wi-fi system.

The pricing is as follows:

$35.00 for 60 minutes

$55.00 for 100 minutes

$75.00 for 150 minutes

$100.00 for 250 minutes

$150.00 for 500 minutes

Or guests can opt for a basic rate of $0.65 per minute. The pricing is the same in the Internet café, which can be found on every ship and provides 24hr Internet access.

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