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We've been all over the every continent.

Frustration with other online cruise-booking sites, however, inspired us to re-imagine the experience. It should be fun, at the very least simple and straightforward like booking a flight or hotel online.

That’s the reason is so different.

And we’re not just different to be different. We merely wanted to explore new things and discover thrilling adventures that were previously untouched and unknown because we had no choice but to grumble and stumble down the beaten path.

We’re whistling a catchy tune now, skipping all over the world to amazing and wonderful ports. You can now visualize all these destinations, too, thanks to our one-of-a-kind Map Explorer.

Large images and discovery features allow you to explore foreign ports, plot your possible adventures on a map and ultimately learn as much as possible about the dreamy places you want to visit.

Of course, cruise ships are amazing. That goes without saying. There’s so much more to cruising, though, than just the boat and the destination.

Chart your own course. Captain your own amazing journey with